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Practical Storage Solutions for the New York Metro Area

Practical Storage Solutions for the NYC Area

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Frequently Asked Questions


We can provide you with a sample 5 year Return on Investment scenario based on typical monthly storage locker rental fees in your area.

Let your building's valuable common areas work for you! Unlike renting storage units from other companies that keep up to 75% of the profit, purchasing storage lockers from Giant Industrial Installations allows your building to keep 100% of the revenue generated for the life of the lockers!

In most cases, when charging tenants typical monthly storage unit rental fees, you will recoup the cash outlay for the storage lockers in 10-12 months!

The most common size for storage lockers is 3' x 4' units. There are no size limitations - our Condo Storage Lockers can be made to any size to fit any room configuration.

Wire mesh storage lockers cost less than the solid privacy units, offering a better return on investment. Also, the visibility allowed by wire mesh storage lockers helps management prevent the storage of flammables and other dangerous items. Wire mesh lockers also allow for the use of existing lighting and air flow.

Although it costs more, some buildings offer the solid units to their tenants for the extra privacy. This prevents others from seeing what is being stored in the storage unit.

Double-high units cost more than single-high units because of the cost of the added solid steel divider and the extra steel required to fabricate the double door frame.

In most cases, our standard lead-time for a typical project is about 4 weeks from the time we receive your required deposit and signed documents. For smaller projects, we can usually install within 2 weeks.

Our storage units are maintenance free and backed by a 5-year warranty!

The standard color and finish for most products is a powder coat gray.

For an additional cost, you may order products in the color of your choice using our color chart. Alternatively, we can also match a color chip that you provide.

As part of a standard installation, storage units are anchored and attached to the existing floor. However, above the floor options are available.

Flooring for storage lockers are available as an option and are typically utilized in applications where water and/or moisture is a possible problem. Floors can be galvanized steel planks or 3/4" plywood floors raised on treated studs.

Yes, storage lockers can be raised to a desired height above the floor where water and/or moisture is a concern.

Ceiling panels are optional and are available in either wire mesh or solid steel materials.

Back panels are required for storage units being installed in the center of rooms, along bad or uneven walls, or along walls that have a lot of existing obstructions. In other cases where the building walls are acceptable, attaching units directly to the existing perimeter walls saves the purchaser money on materials and installation.

We install Local 580 Union Labor if it’s required at a premium

Bike storage has a quicker turn around than storage units - we can usually install within 2 weeks of processing and order.